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Owners, Sheri and Mel Grisel share how they started with you. Beginning in 1992 with their first company Pacific Drywall, Home360’s Mel and Sheri Grisel listened carefully to homeowners. “We wanted to really understand their frustrations and their needs,” explains Mel Grisel, president of Home360. “Only then could we design a business that would solve their problems and meet those needs.”

Over and over, Mel and Sheri heard from homeowners wanting a complete home or room upgrade, yet unable to find an end-to-end solution—a home makeover package of services that homeowners didn’t have to piece together themselves.
“Even more troubling,” co-founder Sheri Grisel adds, “We heard so many remodeling ‘horror’ stories, about homeowners working with contractors that had turned simple projects into a horrible mess of missed deadlines, poor quality workmanship, broken promises, lack of interest because the project seemed too small and wasted time and dollars.”

In response, the Grisels took a unique approach to meeting homeowners’ needs by creating Home360. “After 15 years in the business and servicing more than 10,000 customers,” says Mel, “I knew firsthand what a pain home remodeling can be for homeowners. So we designed Home360 to make it easy for our customers to get home interior makeover packages, all the way from design to finishing, with just one call. Without the hassles. Without the annoying gaps in the project schedule. It truly sets us apart from traditional remodeling contractors.”
More so than anyone else in Northern California, Home360 strives to make your home renovation painless. In Sheri’s words, “We consult with you from the start, assembling a complete, right-sized package, whether you want a single room or an entire interior; you'll get the whole thing from us—no hassles. And it’s going to be the very thing you had dreamed it would be.”
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