Home360, The easiest way to makeover your home. Guaranteed.
Home transformations now come without the hassle.
Everyone’s heard the horror stories of contractors that show up late, complete the work late, and do shoddy work. That's what inspired us to create Home360. As Northern California's home upgrade specialists, we make home and room makeover miracles surprisingly easy and painless.
  • One call does it all; we take care of everything — the crews, the scheduling, the hassles.
  • Your Home360 designer customizes a solution to your style and taste.
  • Our unique SmartScheduling™ process means we get in, get it done, and get out in less time than anyone else, keeping you informed along the way.
  • From one of San Francisco East Bay’s most trusted companies, with 10,000 satisfied customers.
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Our unique guarantee ensures everything gets done right and on time!
After two years of construction mess thanks to unreliable contractors, I could tell from the first meeting how different Home360’s approach is, and how a home makeover should be.
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